All Strategies for the Right Slots

Basic Strategy is the first skill all casino players learn when playing blackjack. This table game will allow you to reduce the advantage that the casino has over you during the game. It is also one of the few to allow the player to do this, without letting chance control everything.

What we are going to teach you today is precisely how to master this strategy so that you can have more satisfactory results and therefore earn more money.

The concept of basic strategy

The concept is simple, the basic strategy will allow you to predict the action you must take according to the SLOT777game you have, and according to what the banker has as a face up card. This is an essential strategy according to the owner, if you want to progress. Remember, you are dealt two cards which are both face up and the banker receives one card face up and the other card face down.

You will therefore only have to follow the indications that we give you in the table that we present to you in the rest of the article, this will allow you to do the best action according to your hand and the banker’s hand.

How was she born?

It was Baldwin in 1950 who released this concept. In fact, this American mathematician, an avid casino enthusiast, once looked at blackjack and observed the course of the game. During the game, he simply realized that the fact that you could visualize a part of the banker’s hand, in this case his turned over card, it was possible, logically, to construct a table listing all the playing possibilities. That is to say that all the configurations were thought out and it is so that he was able to construct the painting.

Then, the actions to be done according to the cases, it is logic, once again. If you guess what to do at the right time, then it will be difficult for the banker to gain the upper hand.

Concrete application

We are going to explain to you the Baldwin table who is, we remind you, the brains of blackjack, the one who is at the origin of the game strategies, we owe him a lot. Here is the table that you must learn by heart if you want to go to a land-based casino to apply the technique; otherwise, if you are at home, it is obvious that you will be able to have it in front of you:

You see that it is a simple double entry table with vertically, the hands that you can have and horizontally, the possible turned over card of the banker. This therefore includes all the possible outcomes during a blackjack round. Our partner site gives many tips on strategies, tips that will help you understand this table even better.


This board is actually quite easy to learn because the actions are almost always the same and certain areas of this board should jump out at you, for example your hands of 17 and over. If you have one like this then you have to stay ie not draw a card.